Nordic Aviation Technology Centre Luleå

Our educations

NFTC develops and provides training programs with various specializations within the field of aviation technology. Both full EASA training programmes and short courses.

Our programs:

Flight/helicopter technician

Higher Vocational Education

Civilian companies

Courses and training programs

Swedish air force

Courses and training programs

Flight mechanic and aeronautical/helicopter technician programs have nation-wide admition

Praktisk utbildning 

National and International cooperation`s

NFTC collaborates with a variety of air carriers in the surrounding region and across the country in which students receiva part of their practical training. Emphasis is placed on a qualified service training for staff, international contacts and exchanges.

NFTC is a member of the European organization EAMTC (European Aviatin Safety Maintenance Training Counsil) where much of the European countries and airline technical training organizations are members. The organization works with issues regarding EASA regulatory and are a consultative body to it.                                                        NFTC cooperate a lot with schools and organisations in the Nordic countries, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

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Övergripande mål 

Overall objectives

NFTC oparates to provide training with different orientations within the aerospace industry. We work to develope the use of IT and computerbased training tools in the education. The education is based on the approach in aviation maintenace and leads to students understand the importance of safety, quality, responsibility, care, humility and social skills. We characterize our students to take responsibility for their own and other`s work, planning, implemneting and documnetation the type of work.

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The courses are preparing for a career in aviation technology maintenance sector as certifying staff (staff with their own responsibilities by aeronautical activities) or non-certifying staff.

Pupils are prepared for further study at college/university where you can search for example flight engineer. Pupils are also prepared for a military career as a technical officer in the Aviation service.

Swedisch air carrier and the transport Industry Employers association notes that growth in the aviation industry will grow by 4-6% per year resulting in a doubling of the number of air travelers the next 10-12 year period. Read Boeing`s forecasting about the need of Pilot`s and Technician`s the next 20 year`s here.

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Boende för sökande 

Applicant housing

Luleå has great amount of student housings because of the University.

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